XXIO 13 IRONS - Steel

XXIO 13 Irons feature a remarkably low Center of Gravity thanks to their 4-piece construction, including titanium faces and tungsten-nickel sole weights. That weighting, combined with the Irons’ unique Rebound Frame structure which alternates stiff and flexible zones for added ball speed, gives you a satisfyingly high launch with incredible distance.

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A low Center of Gravity thanks to 4-piece construction and titanium faces.

The thin, high-strength titanium face, along with hollow portions of the heel, allow for an even larger high-density tungsten-nickel toe weight.  e toe-side weight optimizes the Center of Gravity location for a higher, straighter launch.

Rebound Frame

In addition to the L-Shaped Groove at the bottom of the Iron body, new grooves in the outer periphery of the clubhead improve face COR for added ball speed and distance.

High-Density Tungsten-Nickel Weight

A high-density tungsten-nickel weight located on the toe-side of the sole (5i–7i) lowers the Center of Gravity for a higher launch with more distance.

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