Swing easy and strike it pure with our new premium Driver, the XXIO 13. Its remarkably ultralightweight feel and significant ball speed improvement let you send it off the 18th tee as well as you did on the 1st by avoiding swing fatigue caused by heavier Woods. This one’s in a class all its own. Experience the Difference.

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The BiFlex Face works like a strong frame around our highly flexible face, strategically reinforcing precise locations to optimize ball speed across the face and further expand the High COR area.


New ActivWing utilizes aerodynamic forces to help maintain proper clubhead positioning during your downswing. The New ActivWing helps guide the club face into an optimal striking position during your downswing, making it easier to hit the sweet spot and improve ball speed.

Rebound Frame

Four alternating layers of flexible and rigid zones enhance overall COR, like a spring within a spring. Meanwhile, the synergistic effect with BiFlex Face creates maximum ex in a larger area for even more ball speed on every shot.

Lightweight Crown

By freeing up weight with a thinner and lighter crown, we repositioned mass to lower the Center of Gravity, increasing MOI for more forgiveness.


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